Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Did I mention?

Okay, so the paperback of my new book will be out on the 13th of the month. Just in time for those of you who want something lovely to give a friend or a loved one for Valentine's Day. If you would like to see the flip book and I find these things magical the link is http:/
I have to remind myself what the book's about. I'm almost finished the next one and knee deep in what my present characters are doing. It's strange how soon you forget. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I do hope people will like it.
In the meanwhile, against all the odds, Miss Appleby's Academy is still selling well. So chuffed about it.
Lucy Charlton has come into the kindle saga top hundred at 98 and Far From My Father's House which I wrote many moons ago is in contemporary fiction top hundred list. Life never ceases to amaze me. The first six books are all modestly priced as downloads on kindle at 58p each and considering that each one took a year to write that can't help but be a bargain.
Also, can I just mention the short story which comes before The Fall and Rise of Lucy Charlton and is Lucy Charlton's Christmas  - and it's free!


  1. Hi Elizabeth;

    I was attracted first by the title of your new book and then by the time and location which relates deeply to my own family's history.

    Have just read the "flip book" and look forward to getting the paperback when it is released here in Canada on May 1.

    Can you tell me if Lucy Charlton's Christmas is available other than as a Kindle Download as I do not have one of these devises. Perhaps as a PDF or something similar. I am all Mac here if that helps.

    Best regards
    John Charlton

  2. Oops, forgot to subscribe to watch out for your reply

  3. Did I not say it was? it is, it is.

  4. That's great. Can you give me some details so I can pick it up?

  5. Amazon have it on download to any kind of computer or you can have them send you the paperback.

  6. Couldn't get it. I was able to download a Kindle reader for Mac, but it seems the title is only available at Here's what they said about it when I tried to download it:

    "We're sorry, we could not complete your purchase.

    The Kindle Store on is for UK customers only. To shop for titles available for your country, please visit"

    But its not available through or