Saturday, 22 February 2014

Billy and Emma go to the vet's

I haven't been in a vet's surgery since my last cat died which must be four years ago at least and but I was asked to take my two feline friends, Billy and Emma, there yesterday. I much prefer it to the doctor of course, even though you have to pay and it is much more entertaining. People tend not to talk to you at the doctor's but at the vet's everybody is a friend and a small square cavalier spaniel howled his disdain to me for several minutes. Apparently he doesn't usually do that. He is not chubby, he is actually square with a little head at one and  - well, you get the idea. He is, like so many of us, a food addict and wakes up at six every morning demanding tea and toast, banging his bowl off the floor and, if ignored further, his bowl off the cupboards, all of which must be very unentertaining for the woman who is owned by him. She never gets a lie in.
If she puts bread out for the birds he eats that and he will even stoop to bird seed which must at least be useful for his insides. I once had a gorgeous ginger moggie who used to climb up on next door's big square bird table and demolish everything in sight. The blackbirds were not amused.
Billy and Emma were not amused either by the vet's and, having the luxury of a cat box each, having not wanted to go in they now did not want to get out and even when the vet turned the cat box and tried to politely shake them, they wouldn't have it. She had to dismantle both their refuges. Billy ignored her after that. Emma politely put up with having blood taken though it was a difficult procedure, Emma being seventeen and very skinny.
Alas poor Billy had to stay to be sedated and have his very long coat sorted out since he is now too old for self grooming. Emma went home alone and probably missed him very much since he is her brother and they have rarely been apart. Billy comes home at lunchtime today and the fire will be on for him in his favourite sitting room. Emma, poor soul, has to go back some time this week to have her coat done and her teeth sorted. Oh dear, the dentist, now that really is a place nobody wants to go.

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