Friday, 20 June 2014

Cafes for Deaf People in Durham Marks out of Ten

Cellar Door   11   Mostly because we sit outside. Fantastic staff, food and wine.

Ask  8  Because there is a great deal of space between the tables but make sure you sit facing the wall, I think it helps.

Palace Green cafe.  7  I think the height of the ceiling detracts from the experience but they do brilliant cake.

Oldfields  6  I find it very noisy.

Chiquitos   Lovely and 8  the banquettes help

The Fat Buddha  I love this place dearly but on a Saturday night it's very busy of course because the food is wonderful but the floors make the noise bang up at you.  7

The Undercroft at the Cathedral.   5     Very difficult.

The Cloisters at the Cathedral   11   I've only ever had pink fizzy there and it was bliss!

The Garden House   10 Lots of room and on a cold day you get open fires!!

Vennels 5  Because they're so busy!!  Great food though.  If you sit outside surrounded by other people you  might as well stay at home if you're deaf.

Starbucks   The County   9  Because you can go into the lounges in the hotel and be quiet and private

Starbucks at  Framwellgate Bridge   4    Hell on earth if you can't hear.

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