Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Day the Toilet Died!

My new loo, oh the excitement!!

Last week it was one of those times when daft things went wrong at home. I had my daughter and her boyfriend plus his brother coming to stay. The very day they were coming the downstairs lights gave up as soon as I switched on the pretty green chandelier in the dining room so I called the electrician and he promised to come early Saturday evening otherwise we wouldn't be able to see.
On Saturday night it was blowing a gale. Slates and masonry were blown off the roof and I have two dents in the bonnet of my car to prove it.
On Sunday my almost son in law broke the downstairs loo. The poor lad. The first time he came to stay he got oil on my expensive silk cushions. The second time he washed his hair and water poured through the hall ceiling.
'He did what?' I said as my daughter tried to explain about the loo.
I keep a lovely bottle of perfume in there for people to spray flowers into the air.  He had knocked this down the loo, broken the porcelain and cut his hand trying to get the damned perfume bottle out. The perfume bottle of course was fine.
'Next time I come to stay maybe I should just stay in the car,' my almost son in law said sheepishly. I didn't like to point out the car is almost new.
The electrician came in the middle of the DVD of Avatar and I need a new chandelier.
I had to wait until Monday to call the plumber about the loo and the roofer came and tut tutted over the roof.
On Tuesday Howard came and swept up all the mess and masonry.
On Wednesday the lads came with ladders to repair the roof
And on Friday the plumber came and we now have a new loo downstairs which thankfully looks exactly like the old loo.
Next week the electrician is coming back to put up the new chandelier and hopefully mend the wall lights in the sitting room. Never again. Wall lights are a menace.
Also, the engineer is coming to service the central heating boiler and if there's anything wrong with that I shall leave the area. Forthwith.
It's the detail that gets you, the time and expense involved. Fingers crossed nothing big goes wrong.
As for the car, the poor thing has so many dents now I only noticed when I went to drive somewhere. And it isn't going to the garage. I shall be eating cabbage permanently at this rate.

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