Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wolsingham Show - Streaking in the Dale

It was the 231st Wolsingham Agricultural show last Saturday and yes, we had a streaker, I think for the first time. It gave the police something to do and set the rest of us outside the beer tent giggling. Just some lad having had too much beer.  He should have tried the wine, it was like paint stripper. Having persuaded him into his knickers the police led him off and everybody cheered.
It was the middle of the daredevil motor bikes.  I always delight in telling people that I used to own a trials bike and could do wheelies up the field on it. Ah, the accomplishments of youth. These lads were brilliant.
I'm afraid I haven't got a photograph of the streaker for you. I think the police would probably have taken me off as well if I'd done that but I can offer you a photograph of a motor bike in full throttle.

Cuddly toys
A real pooch

The country shows around us in Weardale are part of our heritage, I went as a child with my mother and
sister and then with my daughter and I have the feeling I even took my black labrador once as it is a very important outing for pooches.
The dahlias and chrysanths that won prizes

The biggest onion

You could buy anything from wellies to cheese.  The cheese is wonderful.
Cockerton Brass Band provided the music

Sulky racing followed the motor bike display

And by the end of the day everybody was hungry, tired and ready to go home.


  1. I've never heard of sulky racing, Liz! Looks terrifying!

  2. It's a very flimsy contraption which the rider sort of perches on, very popular in these parts and yes, very fast.