Monday, 27 September 2010

My Sixtieth

Yes, my big birthday is almost upon me. I'm not sixty until October 16th but I have decided that since it matters so much and the government in its wisdom isn't giving me my pension or the joyful things related to it I am going to celebrate HUGELY.
My first celebration for my birthday happened last Friday with my CAMEO friends.  We started out at the coffee shop, Brambles, at the Shincliffe Garden Centre which is where we always go and then went into Durham to have a wonderful lunch at Hide.

 If you don't know it it's in Saddler Street on the way up to the cathedral on the left and it does excellent coffee - I sometimes go in there and write, they have comfy sofas, loooonnng lunches, they don't seem to mind how long you linger, I've had tea in there and lots of red wine in the evening and I can recommend the lamb for dinner. I went there with a friend before going to an organ recital at the cathedral in August. they had them every Wednesday. Too late now, you missed them. Next year.
There is a Hide at Yarm and I think others too. And I was told it was something to do with the original one being a place where they tanned leather or something in the old days.  Whatever.
Mary and me.  We have known each other for forty nine years. She was sixty last month.
This is Joan one the left and Helen on the right and me in the middle with my lighted candles in apples. Yes, and on cupcakes too and a card.
The staff in Brambles know us very well and they put up with the singing as I blew out the candles and made a wish. No, I'm not telling you and it had nothing to do with Brad Pitt either which is unusual.
Mary insisted on having photographs in the car park, me holding my lavender plant, the smell was wonderful. It was freezing - this is Durham and it is almost October ( yippee, my favourite month ) and being a hardy lass from the fells I had no coat and was frozzzzeen!!

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