Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sounds and sweet airs that give delight - The Tempest at Durham Castle

Ariel, delighting the audience

There can be nothing better than to spend a summer's evening with friends, having champagne and nibbles in the garden at the castle, watching an outdoor version of a Shakespeare play while the sun sets grey and pink beyond the buildings and Will's words are spoken into the sharpening August night.

The last of the evening light

 The odd leaf fell as the play proceeded, a reminder that here in Durham the summers are short. People put on their jackets as the light faded and the sky cleared.  Pigeons, disturbed, perched on various buildings to watch and small bats could just be seen, darting through the air.

Packing up chairs, rugs and rubbish

The magic in The Tempest matched the magic in the place, the clock striking the hour, Palace Green and the cathedral floodlit as we left. Bliss!

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