Monday, 23 August 2010

Barns and Bouquets - Liz's Tea Party

My friend Liz lives in a converted barn in the beautiful countryside of County Durham. She is Chairman of the Ferryhill, Sedgefield and District Flower Club and last week on yet another gorgeous summer afternoon she provided tea and cakes in the courtyard within the walls of her house for friends and members to come and make merry.

 It rained only a few drops, not enough to frighten off anybody and we tucked in.

Liz has the kind of garden you would expect of somebody who adores flowers and she and her group sometimes provide and arrange the flowers in Durham Cathedral and if you've ever been in you know how wonderful these are.

 I have never met anybody who didn't care for either flowers or gardens or both and this flower club is for all those people who enjoy flower arranging and for those who just like flowers so that's all of us then.

The club is affiliated to NAFAS, The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies and is one of 50 similiar clubs in the Northumberland Durham area.

There is an annual membership fee but if people want to go and see what the club is about they can pay a visitor fee.

The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month except August in the Parish Hall at Sedgefield at 7.30p.m.

They have monthly demonstrations carried out by local and national experts. Sometimes they have fund raising events and they go on trips to stately homes and gardens.

The tea party raised   £334.34 in two and a half hours for the club so that was good going, Liz and her ladies dashing about with big pots of tea and tiered cake stands ( borrowed from my sorop. friend Barbara for the occasion, pictured above with Helen, one of my CAMEO friends).
Friends, flower club members - everybody contributed.

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