Friday, 23 July 2010

Picnic in the Park at St Cuthbert's Hospice

Saturday threatened heavy rain but managed only the odd shower -  just as well because at St Cuthbert's Hospice we were running around making money with stalls which had books, flower arrangements, cards, jewellery, cakes, a huge teddy bear being raffled ( I think, I never got that far! ) and lots more.

 The cafe had a queue so long that we had to open the dining room, the sitting room and the interview room, everybody wanted tea and buns and cakes and sandwiches.

There were four people at one point behind the counter, including Barbara, soroptimist and Sandra her friend and they were working full belt.

I was recruited to help, not a wise choice as I am  a bull in a china shop when it comes to tills and I was meant to be selling books outside but Frances and Cheryl were sorting out the books and cakes so I had to help inside. I also ended up moving lots of chairs, the better to accommodate all those hungry people.

Top photograph is the gardeners selling produce from the gardens. They very often find lovely flowers for me at the back of the hospice in the beds where they raise flowers and vegetables so that the hospice can be bright with blooms and eat fresh produce.
This is Ben, the yellow lab.  Ben is very quiet and friendly, Jet is energetic and friendly, both lovely. The photograph of Jet with dog handler, Claire Kerr, is at the bottom. The hospice is having a Sponsored Dog walk on Sunday October 10th.

 This started last year and was a smash hit with 100 dogs putting their best paws forward for the hospice. This year the walk is at Houghall Woodlands with a brand new walk and activites and treats for the dogs, including agility challenges, doggy bags and rosettes. Registration is £10 plus sponsorship and you can download a registration form from . For information contact Rachel Jobson on 0191 386 1170 or   Registration closes on October 1.

Durham Miners Association Brass Band played, dozens of people came out to support us and we made just over £200 on the books and cakes.  The whole venture made £2,000 for the hospice so we were very pleased with our day's work.
Stalls included two books stalls, both of which did well. I bought two wonderful Asian cookbooks from the other stall.
I didn't get the names of these two gentlemen but they were working very hard doing their bit to help raise more money. The hospice provides free care for people with life limiting illnesses in north Durham.  It must raise £1million every year to meet running costs.

Carole Lynn is Guest Services Coordinator at the hospice. Here she is doing her bit, selling hot dogs outside the front of the building.
This is Frances, one of the Soroptimists behind our stall, selling homemade cakes and secondhand books.
Teddy bear making money and behind this the card stall.
Claire and Jet, out and about.

The Durham Miners Association Band who kept us entertained after the brief rain showers.


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  2. That's me in the background, selling the cards.