Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Brass, Lass

I love music. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's being  beautifully played, I love it all. Best is live. We are lucky in Durham, we have concerts all the year round, in the Gala theatre - in the main auditorium and in the studio which seats people at small tables and there is a bar ( bliss ), in the Town Hall, at Elvet Methodist Church, at North Road Methodist Church, St Cuthbert's, in the pubs and in the streets.
I don't understand music and that's why I like it. When I go to the cinema or the theatre half of me remains the critic and pulls the whole thing to pieces both at the time and afterwards and that's part of the fun but it can be exhausting. But then, give me a piece of Mozart or a jazz melody or a song and I haven't a clue how the composer got it together. It's like painting, can't do it, don't want to, just want to admire it. And admire the talent and the joy and music uplifts me as much as champagne. Music helps me to write, to relax, to get closer to the rhythms of life, if that makes any sense.
We have the Brass festival on in Durham at the moment and oh wow, have they gone to a lot of trouble. The organisers and the people taking part ought to be given a medal.All over the area brass bands from all over the world are playing music.This is Lanchester Brass Band playing outside the Gala theatre on a sunny Saturday. All free.

Black Bottom Brass Band playing on Elvet Bridge . They come from Japan.Maceo Parker and his band, featuring Dennis Rollins playing to great acclaim ( lots of people up and dancing, everybody clapping and shouting! ) at the Gala theatre.  It was a magical performance.And I have no idea who these people are but I was walking into town one day last week and there they were, giving it all they had at the far end of North Road just before you get to Framwelgate Bridge. I love living in Durham!

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