Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Game of Thrones

I always bring up the rear when it comes to reading. If George R R Martin had been waiting for me to make his fortune the poor bloke would have had a long wait. I know now why I didn't venture in. These books are so addictive that I'm ashamed to say I gulped down the first one in two days. I didn't do anything else, I sat there in my conservatory with my feet up and let him  open for me the bliss of another world. I promptly downloaded the following two books and am trying not to read them because they are such fun, all those breasts and long hair, all that hacking off of heads and best of all he does STRONG WOMEN. Oh my God, they don't get any stronger than Mr Martin's books.
And wow when you look at his profile, yes, he looks as though he had stepped right out of one, there he could be screaming over the moors on a horse. He has a merry face and a big white beard.  He has a Santa Claus look about him  and boy has he turned out to be Father Christmas for thousands of people and a good many actors too. Can there be any feeling in the world better than knowing you have books you are desperate to read?  It's such a warm fuzzy glow and reminds me of Jo out of Little Women going up the attic with an apple and curling up there to leave the difficulties of the real world and immerse herself in a good book.  Oh joy.  Thanks, George R R Martin and all the other writers who make my life so much more enjoyable.  Where would I be without you all?

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