Sunday, 27 March 2011

Last Post

The daffodils are in full bloom in Durham and it's a year since I started this blog so I'm going to finish it now. I don't want to repeat myself, I think a year is a good time for some things. John Braine said that a novel should be set within a year. It's a nice idea but most novels cover several years. Mine do.
I'm ending on a high note, after several months I have had my novel accepted for publication. I'm pleased and grateful because times are so hard and I don't want to go on and work at something else. I don't know that I would be offered anything else but having been a writer all my life and published for thirty years it is part of who I am. I know I've been lucky to stay in there during the ups and downs of publishing and of my own life and I'd like to stay published for as long as I can. Hopefully there will be plenty of work to do.
My new novel should be out in the autumn and is called Dragon's Field. It's about a girl who moves away and marries a fisherman and a man who had suffered childhood abuse whom she rescues when they are very young. I hope people like it.


  1. What great news. Like you after so many years as a writer the idea if not writing a new story - whether it takes place over a year or ten years - is unthinkable. Looking forward to the new novel about the fisherman. Sounds like a great idea. wx

  2. Great news Liz and much deserved - I will definitely read it. Sorry to see you go though. Sx

  3. I am so sorry you're leaving this blog. Delighted to hear about the new book, of course, but sad, otherwise. It's been delightful